West Park Hotel

Contract Length – 18 Months
Contract Value – £250,000 + VAT
Contract Scope – Hotel, Restaurant & Bar Kitchen to fulfil 150 Covers per Sitting

Design Brief – Marshall Catering Equipment where invited to attend an initial design team meeting with the client, contract architect and main contractor to discuss client requirements, design considerations and site limitations. As a result of this initial meeting we were able to draw up an initial design brief for discussion / client comment, once this initial round of client comments was completed we had a clear and concise brief to work towards, this brief was roughly based upon the following considerations;

  • Design and install a commercial kitchen in keeping with the boutique style hotel to offer up to 150 covers per sitting.
  • Due to the nature of the business we felt that the client should consider an environmentally considerate commercial kitchen, with the facility offering breakfast, lunch and dinner to high customer numbers running costs and environmental impact should be minimised.
  • As well as environmental considerations, we felt that due to the high output of the facility the installation of heavy duty appliances was paramount to offer the facility longevity.
  • Strict planning guidelines were enforced by the local council with regards the kitchen ventilation system, so all plans & specification were submitted to the local authority prior to sign off to ensure that these conditions were met.

Project – Marshall Catering Equipment, armed with this design brief were able to draw up initial kitchen plans and mechanical & electrical information for client, architect and main contractor comment. These plans were developed over the next couple of months to offer the client exactly what they require, while remaining considerate to the budget and site limitations. Within the specification we aimed to keep the kitchen as environmentally considerate as possible, by offering industry leading “green” products, including refrigeration from the “Energy Technology List”, industry leading combination ovens and heavy duty induction cooking appliances (with up to 99% efficiency). These inclusions meant that both the first and second considerations of the design brief were achieved. We work closely with an industry leading commercial kitchen canopy & ventilation system specialists who are fully compliant with the approved industry specification for Kitchen Canopies and Ventilation Systems (ref: BESA DW172). Therefore we could offer the client peace of mind that the specification and working drawings produced for the kitchen canopies and associated ventilation systems would sail through the strict planning conditions outlined by the local authority. As a result we designed and fitted the kitchen canopies and associated ventilation system with appropriate sound attenuation to bring in line with planning conditions as well as further increasing the specification to remain considerate to nearby hotel bedroom windows, ensuring that our works would have no effect on guest comfort. In addition to attenuation we also installed a tempered air system on the kitchen supply air system to offer the kitchen operatives the most comfortable working environment possible.



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