St. Peters School – Clifton Dining Room

Contract Length – 6 Months
Contract Value – £40,000.00 + VAT
Contract Scope – Primary School kitchen and foodservice counter to cater for 150 lunch covers

Marshall Catering Equipment were appointed as catering facility designers for St. Peters, Clifton Dining Room – a primary school catering space. We produced a kitchen layout plan, kitchen ventilation design and a schedule of works that was put out to tender and we were awarded the contract based upon our tender return.

One consideration that our design team specified for this project, was that the island style canopy required should supply air plenums to deliver the replacement air as per BESA DW172 regulations. Had we simply given this delivery no thought, this element would have been installed as standard on the front face of the canopy and this would have sent the replacement air straight across the food service counter, potentially cooling down the serving staff and ultimately, the hot food on display.

To resolve this issue, we delivered the required replacement air through the side of the canopy instead of avoiding any issues going forward. We believe that this type of thinking sets us apart from many others in the industry.

We were delighted to deliver and install a fit-for-purpose facility that the client remains happy with to date.