Saddle Room

Contract Length – 2 Weeks
Contract Value – £70,000.00 + VAT
Contract Scope – Re-design of an existing restaurant kitchen, to rectify issues from previous catering designer missing the client brief.

Having initially lost out on the kitchen refurbishment just four years prior, the client came back to us and asked if we would assist with a new redesign of the kitchen, to alleviate the issues caused by the previous catering contractor who failed to meet the design brief.

Therefore we revisited the site, thoroughly listened to the client’s needs, reviewed the limitations of the building and put together a design and specification plan that fulfilled their requirements.

We completed the redesign with a mixture of new and existing equipment, supplied a new canopy and an associated ventilation system that meets the criteria of the client and current regulations.

Now, the client and his team are delighted that they have a fit-for-purpose kitchen that meets the demands of the busy restaurant.