Rosti Automotive

Contract Length – 12 Months
Contract Value – £100,000.00 + VAT
Contract Scope – Staff Canteen Facility for Workforce of 850

The client opted to move the staff canteen facility away from the main office block and situate in the centre of the grounds, making it more accessible for staff from around the plant. Instead of actually building a new area from scratch the client opted to site the new canteen facility within two Portakabin Titan portable buildings. Marshall Catering were tasked with not just the provision of commercial catering equipment, but the entire fit out of the facility; including and not exclusive to the furniture, food service counter, kitchen ventilation system, kitchen equipment, hot water system, septic tank and drainage system, mains electrical distribution and so on. Therefore acting as main contractor Marshall Catering were able to gain access to the units in the last week of November and hand over during the Christmas break before the staff returned to the plant for the new year.



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