Queen Ethelburga’s College – Atrium Servery

Contract Length – 6 Months
Contract Value – £165,000.00 + VAT
Contract Scope – 600 Covers per sitting

We were tasked with designing a servery capable of meeting the 600 covers per sitting within an area of 80m2. This was no mean feat! To achieve these numbers we had to split the queue into two within the dining room itself and filter down to an additional two queues to service the four food service counters in total. In addition to this issue we had to resolve a re-stocking issue as due to site conditions the only access from the kitchen caused a clash with the exit lane of the customers. Therefore we supplied and fitted an automated queueing system whereby the exit lane can be closed off for a period of time so that the staff can service the counters. With all of these design constraints as well as having to achieve a finish to match the overall quality offered by the school resulted in a very specialist installation, of which we are extremely proud of.



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