Bettys & Taylors of Harrogate

Contract Length – 3 Months
Contract Value – £150,000.00 + VAT
Contract Scope – Staff canteen kitchen, chilled and hot beverage counter and grab & go counter to serve both the office and production line staff.

Marshall Catering Equipment were asked to design and specify a brand new kitchen and servery area for the staff at Bettys & Taylors of Harrogate, in their head office.

We initially put plans and specifications along with budget figures forward to provide an entire new facility at a new location, however, the management team of Bettys & Taylors preferred the option to upgrade the existing facility at the same position. This meant the servery could be upgraded and retained along with the kitchen canopy, associated ventilation system and other certain appliances.

Therefore, we began a redesign process to expand and upgrade the existing kitchen and foodservice areas. We managed to steal some room behind from an existing meeting room to add a third of extra space to the kitchen area, this was utilised to offer the client a walk-in cold store and large dry goods area with some preparation support space to be used during busy times.

We updated the cookline with state-of-the-art, high speed and flexible cooking appliances while retaining their existing combination oven.

A full redesign and rethink of the wash up area was undertaken, as they had historical issues with queueing up to drop off dirties as well as the limitations of a single hood operated dishwasher to deal with 450 covers per day.

We managed to double the dumping area for customers, meaning that the dirties return throughput doubled, we also managed to design the area to accommodate a twin hood operated dishwasher with a built in pre-rinse system, which doubled the throughput kitchen side.

The final obstacle we had to overcome, was an extremely cramped hot and cold beverage area, that was utilised on a constant basis by both office and production line staff. The old beverage counter was situated in the doorway as you entered the staff dining room, adjacent to the main foodservice counter, thus causing a bottleneck during even semi-busy times.

We redesigned this area and the client opted to go with our design, whereby we moved the beverage station to a L-shape section of wall, where we could fit four identical service points, meaning at any one time four different people can be helping themselves to a brew (which is not a rare occurrence at the UK’s best selling tea manufacturer!)