Our Departments

Each department at Marshall Catering Equipment shares a wealth of foodservice equipment knowledge, with experience in the design and consultation of commercial kitchens, sales and equipment maintenance. We also offer full project management from start to finish!

We have five departments dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service:


Our Sales team consists of three experienced salespeople with 80 years’ combined experience in the industry.

Each member of the department has in-depth knowledge about our products, services and the industry and successfully builds and maintains relationships with our loyal clients as they continue to follow up and meet the needs of customers.


The Projects team has the responsibility of dealing with and handling each stage of the commercial kitchen project. Ensuring that the project advances within the chosen time frame and within the specified budget.

The team work together to ensure the project deliverables meet the objectives and requirements of the customer.

Design and Consultation

The Design and Consultation team work on all projects leading up to tender and beyond.

They deal with the entirety of the Design & Consultation Process from the initial consultation – a discussion of the requirements needed, to the survey and plans where a quotation will be provided and the proposed design will be developed.


The engineers within our maintenance team work closely with our customers to meet the individual requirements of their kitchens, to keep their equipment operating effectively.

Our engineers are fully qualified, with a vast amount of experience in the industry. Their expertise means they can service all catering equipment within your business’s kitchen.


Our Accounts department has the responsibility of guaranteeing effective financial management to support all of our business activities.

To get in touch with any of our departments, please contact sales@marshallcatering.co.uk where you will be directed to the appropriate team.