Why the number of covers affects the design and choice of catering equipment

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June 3, 2021
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There are numerous factors to consider prior to a commercial kitchen redesign, from deciding what type of dishes you will be producing, to how many catering staff you will be accommodating, there is another key consideration that you need to add to your list and that is the number of covers you will be serving on a daily basis. 

It’s only when you know how many covers you will be housing at full capacity, that you will ascertain which appliances are needed within your commercial kitchen. Read all about the appliances you will need per number of covers in this guide: 


Operators of large restaurants (50 plus covers) need some of the most premium catering equipment, because of the sheer volume of customers they serve daily. 

As larger restaurants tend to have the biggest menu variation it means they also need equipment suitable for a range of dishes. That’s why at Marshall Catering Equipment we would recommend a high-capacity convection oven and for smaller to medium-sized restaurants (10-50 covers), we would suggest incorporating a multifunctional, combi oven that would be able to cook a variety of ingredients in a smaller space. 


In larger restaurants that serve a high volume of customers continuously throughout the day, there is a need for a quick and efficient warewashing system that will contribute to a fast plate turnaround. 

When we undergo a catering design, we carefully examine a catering space to decide the best option for the commercial kitchen, these warewashing systems can range from under-counter, front-loading, cabinet, conveyor/rack, pass-through and hood. 


Eateries that accommodate a reduced number of covers are best suited to an energy-efficient refrigeration and freezer solution that will help them store food efficiently. 

Whereas, the best refrigeration system for an eatery accommodating a large number of covers is a cold room, because of the high volume of food that needs to be stored continuously.

Cold rooms are key solutions needed in restaurants serving a multitude of diners as they offer a sanitary storage space that helps keep ingredients fresh for longer. Discuss your refrigeration options with Marshall to see what we think would be the best solution for you. 

Planning a redesign or need help choosing equipment for your commercial kitchen? Get in touch today on 01937 842 852 or at design@marshallcatering.co.uk for further information.

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