The main ways a commercial kitchen design can reduce long term costs

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May 4, 2021
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With so many outgoing expenses in a restaurant, it’s hard to prioritise costs and see where you can save money as a business owner. 

In particular, commercial kitchens can be one of the most costly territories in a restaurant, which is why it’s important to save money wherever you can. As commercial kitchen experts, we know the best ways you can reduce your spending and it is all centred around your kitchen design. 

When engaging in a design or when selecting appliances for our customers, we explore the most cost-efficient equipment available upfront and its costs long term to ensure it corroborates with the client’s budget. Looking to scale down outgoings in your kitchen? Here are some ways in which you can save costs in your restaurant: 

Energy saving equipment 

The best way to minimise long term outgoings is by accommodating energy-saving and/or multifunctional equipment. 

Installing multifunctional cooking appliances is beneficial for a kitchen because it allows multiple cooking processes to happen at once. Particularly, most combi ovens are manufactured with functions that save energy, which in addition help the environment and save kitchen costs in the long run. 

At Marshall Catering Equipment, we evaluate a product’s suitability in an individual kitchen, the upfront cost and balance that with the long term upkeep. 

Appliance placement

There are numerous considerations to be made when executing a kitchen redesign, one of the most crucial factors to consider is the equipment placement as this can ultimately affect costs and energy saving. 

For instance, positioning two conflicting appliances near each other can increase the amount of energy wasted i.e. placing an oven and refrigerator together is damaging because the fridge has to operate overtime to counterbalance the heat from the oven. That’s why strategic placement is key for operational flow, productivity and saving energy and costs. 

Tending to equipment

Taking care of equipment is another way to reduce long term costs so that you don’t need to worry about the failure of an appliance. The main ways you can tend to equipment is through regular preventative maintenance and frequent cleaning. 

Not only is cleaning necessary for the health and safety of staff and customers, but it also obviates the build-up of grease and debris that can cause hazards to an equipment’s function and saves money on equipment recovery. 

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