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April 13, 2021
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Last month was a great month for Marshall Catering Equipment, as we were featured in not one, but two stories in the press. 

We were delighted we were able to offer our industry opinion in Catering Insight, sharing our thoughts about catering equipment tendering processes as well as the future of the catering sector.

Our director Jonathan Skinner analysed recent market changes brought about because of Covid-19 and the challenges those in the industry might face. 

He spoke about how Marshall was ready to adapt to these changes and support customers diversifying in the face of lockdown restrictions.

Alternatively, our project manager Simon Dibbs spoke to the catering equipment publisher about detailed specifications and how these are essential to enable a fair tender process. 

He argued that the appointment of a competent commercial catering facility designer in most instances is just as important as the appointment of any other consultant on the scheme. This is because so many other packages/trades tasks depend upon the spec of the commercial catering facility.

We would like to thank Catering Insight for publishing some of our most recent industry opinions and we couldn’t be more thrilled with February’s press exposure! 

If you missed the articles when they went live, don’t fret as the links to the articles can be found here: 



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