How 3D design can make for a more bespoke design

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February 20, 2021
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Technology has become paramount in our everyday lives, it has found new and inventive ways of doing things and has ultimately made all areas of our personal and professional lives easier, and more convenient.

In particular, technology has enhanced the catering design industry and provided a multitude of benefits for both companies and their clients. 

One of the latest emerging technologies that is enhancing catering projects is 3D design software which we at Marshall Catering Equipment utilise in most of our design projects. 

But, how does it make for a more bespoke design? 3D design software makes for a more bespoke design by:

Allowing for extensive experimentation

The design layout can be arranged and re-arranged multiple times to ensure optimal ergonomics.

This is because 3D design easily allows for the movement of equipment until the right places are found for them in the kitchen design.

With 3D design software, catering designers can see if existing equipment can be easily replaced by or incorporated alongside new equipment within the structural layout of the room/building.

Ultimately, it allows our customers to see varied design layouts, to fit the vision and specifications they were looking for.

Greater awareness of dimensions and sense of space

Height, depth and width of appliances is all-important to a kitchen design and with 3D design, it is much easier to visualise over the old-fashioned flat renderings or even 2D renderings. 

The 3D design allows for greater awareness of the space around the kitchen and can help identify any potential problems, such as sharp corners or unaligned units.

The software presents the clarity of space for the movement of staff, without it becoming chaotic or detrimental to efficiency and productivity. This allows for a completely bespoke kitchen layout.

Quick and easy alterations

Sometimes, external influences can mean alterations have to be made, which can sometimes have a big impact on design.

3D design minimises the time taken to re-arrange the design layout, as it is quicker, with greater precision to do on the software, as opposed to 2D renderings or in person.

Ultimately, the 3D software minimises the risk of mistakes during installation and if there is a need for alterations, changes are made quickly and efficiently.

Setting realistic views and providing better project management

3D designs give a realistic view of the final kitchen design as it allows for greater experimentation and helps designers find the perfect ergonomic layout. All while allowing the customers to see the kitchen as it would be once finished. 

Previously with 2D or flat renderings, a person may decide on one vision, then change their mind when they see it in installation.

At this point, it is very costly and time consuming to make changes, delaying the project or investing good money in to a design that the customer is unhappy with.

3D designs eliminate these potential problems and allow for greater professionalism, greater creativity and easier installation for the project managers.

Saving money

One of the most important reasons for utilising 3D design software is that it can help save the customer money and as the design software allows for greater attention to detail, there are fewer snags that arise during installation.

The anticipation eliminates the need for designers and architects to re-visit sites, sometimes multiple times, to make alterations. Meaning costs aren’t passed on to the customer.

Saving money in similar processes means there is a greater amount of money to invested further to make a bespoke design that provides a competitive advantage to your kitchen and company.

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