How a bespoke kitchen design can help you rebrand your menu

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January 27, 2021
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Covid-19 has turned the hospitality industry upside down and the pandemic has forced the entire sector to adapt to a new way of operating. 

Many businesses, when looking for new ways to reinvent their business, chose to showcase new services and products to better fit current consumer trends, while others have decided to reinvent themselves completely. 

The benefit of this unprecedented downtime is that the opportunity has arisen for caterers to rebrand both their venue and menu. 

Are you looking for a change? Marshall Catering Equipment can help! In this blog, we’re going to detail how a bespoke kitchen design can help you rebrand your menu. 

A design fit for a takeaway menu

Many hospitality businesses have been looking at streamlining or switching up their menus to accommodate a menu fit for quick deliveries. However, this process can be more complicated than what meets the eye. 

For a kitchen to run at optimal efficiency, everything on the menu needs to be in line with what the kitchen can handle. Without careful thought, it can put a burden on staff, functionality and productivity.

To ensure your kitchen can accommodate faster processes, for delivery services, you will need high-quality and high-speed equipment. Fortunately, Marshall Catering Equipment has experts at hand to help you invest in the right equipment, to fit the flow of your kitchen and aid a rebranded menu.

Appeal to a larger range of diets 

Another popular reason caterers have recently chosen to rebrand their menu is to appeal to a larger range of diets.

With vegan food becoming ever more popular, many caterers are looking to add more plant based options to their menu. 

That’s why, it’s key that your equipment is catered to rising food trends and customers’ dietary requirements and this would require food to be stored individually to those foods derived from animal products. 

It also requires an increased amount of kitchen equipment such as grills, crockery, pans and utensils so that foods are cooked and prepared separately.

New cuisines 

Perhaps you’re looking to change up your cuisine entirely? Some styles of cuisines require a larger variation of catering equipment. For instance, most Jamaican or Mexican styles of cooking feature a larger amount of griddled and fried meats. For these styles of cuisines, more hobs may be required and additional countertop hobs could be beneficial. 

Better yet, your rebranded menu may introduce a congregation of cuisines. In this case, a kitchen redesign should include multifunctional equipment, such as a combi oven, which is able to deliver a wide selection of different cooking styles and cuisines.

So, whatever your objective, we can tailor our service to help you, contact us on 01937 842 852 or email us at for a personalised service today!

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